Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And we pause...

To celebrate our Nation's 4th of July.

An annual tradition with us, this year was better than most. Lots of people in our rural area have fireworks exhibitions of their own, along with the large displays in the various communities.

Saturday night, we gathered on the deck up at my sister's and watched the neighbor's display. From the vantage point on the hill, we could also see probably 3 or 4 other large displays, although farther away.

Last night, we had our own and while our "boys" were setting off their own, another neighbor proceeded to send bottle rockets screaming over our heads.

Rob and 3 of his best friends have been doing this (more or less), with lots of adult supervision, since 7th grade. Now, they are almost all 20 and staged their first (almost) solo presentation.

What a blast (sorry about that)! Tomorrow, it's back to beads, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Great bead inspiration too :o)