Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back and Posting

Well, after that great flurry of posting, I feel kinda bad having missed a week or so.

The computer being sort of incapacitated threw me for a loop, and then I had the bead show to work on in York. Came home to some soap orders and then restocking to be done, but now I'm ready again.

These are our stargazer lilies. We planted them some years ago and they have rewarded us every summer since with a fabulous show. It is short, but so gorgeous!

Every year, it is a little better than the year before.

And the chickens...

I can't seem to catch them all at once, but here you can see our rooster. We've decided they must be Scandinavian, so his name is Sven. We have Olga and Helga and are trying to come up with some other Scandinavian names for the girls.

Finally, this is one of the best beads I ever made. She is a purple fairy. Her proportions are great, her hair all stayed on, the ends are smooth, but... Even though I tried really hard to pay attention to keeping her evenly heated, her skirt just splintered beneath the surface.

I'm thinking I have a bit of an incompatibility problem. I used both Moretti and Lauscha. It should all work together, but, I guess this time it didn't.

I am really heartsick about her. But I have the picture and I'm actually thinking of painting her with resin so she will hold together. Maybe I'll encase her in a cube of resin and keep her as my "frozen fairy".

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Zonnestraaltje said...

I like the frozen fairy idea! Just like that book...the Pressed Fairy book...I'm sure you have seen it!

Hey, did your beads from our get together survive? I was really curious about that one you were making with the flowers. It had so much potential!