Monday, July 10, 2006

Name challenged

Today I worked with silver and copper blue frit to make these lentils. The silver and frit combine to create this glowing finish. I looked and looked at the picture trying to come up with a name. They remind me of some splendid reptile. Although reptiles and amphibians don't necessarily make me think of jewelry... or anything pretty. Maybe "Enchanted Rain" because it looks like rain spatters on dry ground, only sparkling deep turquoise spatters on silvery ground.

I thought of the men in space right now and considered calling them "Nebula", but the next set is much closer to a nebula.

Looking at the picture of these has convinced me to change the original name "St. Elmo's Fire" to "Orion Nebula". They just remind me of the first pictures sent back from the space telescope. They were so amazing, with myriad colors and so many swirls and sparkles.

I remember how unimaginably beautiful those pictures were in, was it, National Geographic?

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Zonnestraaltje said...

The first set reminds me of this frog sculpture I just saw on Monday at the Smithsonian National Zoon in D.C. It had a dopply texture, the top was still very shiny bronze, but the lower portion had a nice blue-green patina.

Your edges are still glowing... what's that about??? Love the beads though! :) Miss you!