Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Instead of cleaning

Well, I really intended to get some work done... cleaning the shop ... but instead, I had a bracelet to finish and decided to make some beads and put one more together while I was at it. This first picture is the bracelet that was ordered from a set of my beads. It's called "Funky Friday" because I felt the khaki and blue denim colors would be perfect for casual day in the office and the clunky shapes made it funky.

This second set is my own fireworks, a purple version of the aqua set I made a few days ago. I just love the swirls and the straight sided lentil is a more solid version of the lentil, so it takes the poking and prodding necessary for a design like this one.

I think I'll do another set like this with topaz, ocher and ocelot frit. It should be quite colorful with a bit of tortoiseshell look to it.

I call this bracelet "Olive Petroglyphs". The scrolls and lines remind me of ancient petroglyphs, the colors are great and all the silver makes it extra special.

Okay, okay, maybe I'll get back to the filing and rearranging. Oops, nope, gotta do some grocery shopping. Well, I evaded it for today...

Yeah, I know the pictures "glow". I'll have to work on my photoshopping....

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Zonnestraaltje said...

That kind of procrastination is always wonderful! Sounds like you had a nice holiday too!