Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Good, the bad and... the turkeys

First the good news. This is one of my first uses of gold foil. I think the combination of clear cobalt glass and gold foil is magical. It reminds me of shooting stars at midnight, but I call it "Goldrush".

Imagine the feelings of those 49'ers. It must have been amazing, lying under the stars, late at night, dreaming of the big strike.

A second piece of good news is this vessel which I call "Green Jaguar".

The pattern is something I wanted to try that the originator calls "dragon scales". The color reminds me of the rain forest and the spots of something sinuous and stealthy... a Jaguar.

The lighter clear glass in the middle is my favorite, pale emerald, because it catches the light so beautifully.

And then the bad...
I say bad for two reasons.
First, you can see that I somehow burnt the handle. See the black spots on the inside of the handle? And second, on the other side of the vesel, there is a pinpoint hole. I saw it while I was working on it, and thought I had covered it, but, alas no. This was a lot of work. I pulled a number of twisties to lay on the surface and then placed a twisted flower right on the center. On the back, the design is more abstract, with raised and flattened dots.

Oh, well, I'll have to try it again like I did the mermaid yesterday. No photos yet, but she turned out very well.

TURKEY REPORT!! A neighbor stopped in yesterday just to tell me how much she loves the turkeys. She wanted to ask if she could feed them corn. Sure, make more poop. She didn't say, but, from her very forceful, "I like the turkeys!", I get the feeling that all the neighbors might not be in complete agreement.

Also, a PennDot crew was working on the road in front of our house. I left while they were there and noticed the whole flock of turkeys had settled in along the orad to watch them. Apparently, Bob, my husband, left shortly afterward and asked if the turkeys were bothering them. The "Stop sign guy" replied, "Oh, no, they're so tame. We almost caught one!"

So, now we know what the PennDot guys do. When they have a chance, they chase turkeys!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

I have a an "orad" some sort of magical turkey platform? I think their alien vibes are starting to affect you. The PennDot guys might think they almost caught a turkey...but the truth is...the turkeys almost caught one of them! I think they were studying them and planning to take one back to their planet to try to figure out why one guy works and the rest of them just stand around watching. You think?

I love the blue vessel! I only tried gold foil once too, but loved how it came out. I haven't been brave enough to try it again. It's a shame about your ivory colored one... other than what you pointed out, it's quite pretty! Fry, fry again!

Thanks for the turkey report! ha ha