Tuesday, August 30, 2016

(Life's a) Beach!

We've talked for some time about making a soap for summer that we would call "Beach Soap."  It would smell fresh and "beachy," and it would be colorful.  We mixed up a great scent and decided to chunk up a bunch of our other colorful soaps and add them to a base of "golden beach" - no sand included!

This was the result:

I have some pieces of our first experimental batch in my shower and every time my eyes fall on them, they make me happy.  I see a golden beach with all the colors added of bright beach towels, umbrellas, pieces of shells and the ocean. Those things make me very happy.

When it came time to name it, we have found that a little goofiness adds to the sales appeal, so we decided on "(Life's a) BEACH!"

Available online (wholesale only) at Lancaster County Soapworks - or for personal use (retail) at The Essential Herbal.

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