Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Weddin'

So here we have the new cousins-to-be, Kristin, Molly and Rob. Kristin is holding her bouquet, Molly is holding some "props" for a blending of the sands ceremony which works well in beach weddings - much better than the unity candle. Rob is just standing there with the girls, waiting for the wedding to begin.

This was a pretty nifty idea. It was early enough (10 am) that the beach wasn't yet crowded or overly hot. The weather was glorious after all the last minute worries about a stormy day.

And the happy couple were gorgeous themselves. I have a feeling everyone is happy that it went well and is OVER!

The wedding went quickly and then many there hung out on the beach.. We aren't especially fond of the beach anymore, although the kids came back to the motel, changed and then headed back over for an hour or so.

Dinner was scheduled for 5 PM and we had a great dinner at the Village Inn in Chincoteague. We all went back to Sue's parents' house to play a little Guesstures and then headed back to the motel... A game playing family .. sounds familiar!

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