Sunday, May 14, 2006

What I could say

I could tell you about the past couple of days at Landis Valley and all the fun it was seeing old friends and making new ones at an event we haven't attended for over 5 years, but, you'll have to check in at Tina's Blog for that.

When I got home last night, I put my feet up and pretended to watch TV. From time to time, I would regain conciousness and think about eating something or going to bed, but it wasn't 'til about 11 when I finally dragged back to bed and crashed for real!

I think my Mothers' Day gift was the guys showing up yesterday afternoon at the end of the show to load up the tables and everything they could take in the pick up. Neither Tina nor I are as spry as we were 5 years ago when we would load and unload everything with no problem except a few laughs and groans. The guys came in like the cavalry and really were wonderful.

This morning when I came out to the shop to unload the Rav, these flowers were my Mothers' Day bouquet. I took a bunch of pictures, but loved the rose against the turquoise, red and white of the shop!

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Bombo said...

these are beautiful!