Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I was sitting at the torch. Made some more leaves plus spacers to go with them. Eventually, I'm going to have a killer leaf necklace. Of course, it's a fall color scheme and by the time I have it done, it'll be spring or summer!

I was lacking in inspiration and happened to glance up at the wall in front of the torch where I have my inspirational photos! I have a number of pictures of Jen Geldard's beads. Someday I hope to take a class with her, but meanwhile, I have some of her beads up there just because I love the style.

These are my pale imitations. The shape is right and the general "feeling" is okay, but, of course, the surface treatment can't equal hers, and I don't seem to capture the inner glow hers have. I do like the shape though and the whimsiness.

I also believe Jen has moved on in her creations. She's off on other tangents at the moment, but I seem to be stuck with this shape and style. They are pretty cool as pendants. The center purple bead, I left alone, but the side beads, I etched. That gives them a velvety texture that I really like.

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