Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Egg & I

Lookie what Bob brought in to show me today!

He came in from letting the chickens out for their daily roam around the area with his hand closed. I hesitated to accept his proffered gift, because we have different ideas about what one should hold in their hand! He turned it over and Wow!

We were like new parents! Well, not that excited, but pretty pleased that the chickens have finally produced an egg.

It's pretty small, I have it in an egg box with two "large" size regular chicken eggs. "Our" eggs will increase in size and number soon. How cool is that?

Here's the gang. I forget if I posted an actual picture of our own little "flock".

We've gotten used to each other now. They roam during the day and know enough to come in to their coop for a safe night's sleep. Just as it gets dark, Bob goes out and shuts the door.

Between the chickens and the gardens, we're becoming a bit more self sufficient. It's a nice feeling.

Well, I'm off to make a number of vessels for an order. Just finished all the soap beads and they're ready to go out. I have a set or two of regular beads that I want to finish up before "Colonial Day" in East Berlin on September 9. Plus, of course, there's always soap to make and wrap.


Zonnestraaltje said...

Thems shur are some perty chickens you got there, ma'am!


First I did she get two white eggs and one brown? That's neat! ha ha ha

So tell me more about chickens and eggs... do they lay unfertilized eggs, or if you wait too long will a little chicken bloom in there? he he he

I had that experience a carton of eggs and three of them had developing chickens in there. It was so sad, especially because they were pretty big! Ewwww!

Did that one lady call you, the one looking for Wonkies?

Anonymous said...

I just new those gorgeous chickens would lay special eggs...brown eggs are marvelous!

So have they inspired you to make a new bead in the honor of their first egg?

I can't wait to meet them in person :o)

Zonnestraaltje said...

OMG! Faith, the chicken groupie! know...because just like the turkeys...the chickens are celebrities now! Can I get their autograph?

Oh, I forgot to finish telling you about my mom and her "Chicken Sh*t" game. Maybe since you have chickens, we can play this at the meeting....

So it's like a football pool. Everyone puts in money. You get a piece of paper and divide it up into squares. Put a name in each square. Put at bottom of the chicken cage. Whoever the chicken poops on first wins the money! She plays this game once a month at a bar in her neighborhood. Some people will sit there for hours watching to see if the chicken poops. Fun stuff, huh? :)

Zonnestraaltje said...


Daisys Child said...

Your way of life sounds wonderful and takes me back to a more leisurely time. Here in southern England we are too crowded and too stressed with the pace of life and the cost of just living.

I'm 66 now but I remember my grandfather used to put china eggs in the nesting boxes to encourage the hens to lay. It seemed to work, but perhaps today's 'coopies' are more intelligent and wouldn't be fooled.

I enjoy these stories very much. Best wishes.