Monday, August 14, 2006

More for the Weekend

I've been trying to get more beads made for the Gem Miner's Jamboree this weekend and these are some of what came out of the kiln today.

So, I did another set that is very not me. I call it "Rickie Tickie Stickies" and it reminds me of the wild flower stickers that were stuck all over everything in the 60-70's.

It's another blatant copy of another artist's work, but I just had to try it.

Then back into my usual comfort zone, nice muted combos and the half and half, straight sided lentils I've been making lately. I really like this combination. And the silvered ivory just shines so prettily.

I call it "Starlit Seas" because it just looks like seafoam at night with the stars and moon dancing across it.

And a couple of floral/focals:

The green one has a dark green base with two layers of a frit alternated with clear. The flowers just look like what I would expect if I were walking across a meadow as the sun rose. They would just be opening and shining with dew...

I call it "Enchanted Meadow". Sorry I got a nasty reflection in the photo.

And finally, "Pretty in Pink". Another one layered with frit and clear, this time over a white base. Then a vine cane and flowers.

I added the pink ends just for the fun of it. If you click on the picture, in the enlargement, you'll see I managed also to collect a number of bubbles in the encasement. Oh, well.

The flowers on both of these were the same combination. Silver pink base dot and then light pink transparent. It results in a delicate pink, but definitely a pink!


Zonnestraaltje said...

I really enjoy your florals, Maryanne! See you on Friday!

Zonnestraaltje said...

You didn't nag me enough...I haven't made more beads yet, and with a daily expedite depo on my plate right now, I may not get to make any more at all. I'll be there with what I have though! In fact, I don't even have business cards. Not sure if I will make any or not.