Monday, February 12, 2007

Chickens gone wild

No pictures, but you can probably imagine this one.

A few days ago, my dh put a couple of heat lamps in the shed our chickens call home. It was kinda fun watching the little shadow play through the window as they walked back and forth! As the days went by, they seemed more and more reluctant to enter the coop at night after their day brousing around the neighborhood.

Last night, they didn't come home at all. Poor DH! He was outside a number of times in the freezing cold trying to find them and lead them back home, but no luck. He finally gave up and just hoped they would make it through the night so we could "round them up" in the morning.

We suspected they have been communicating with the wild Guinea fowl who also roam the area and might have decided to "join up".

First thing this morning, he tracked them down and when Tina got here, the 3 of us, armed with brooms, shushed them into the shed. (He had captured the rooster, Sven, a bit earlier and had him in a cage in the shed, thinking that might attract the "girls".)

The "girls" were just hanging around the outside and we strategically placed ourselves so that the path of least resistance was to just go in. It wasn't one of our more physical round ups!

He closed the door and said, "That's it! They're grounded." I think the lights will no longer be burning in the shed either. So, the chicken gang is grounded. I think they'll thank us for it when the snow and freezing rain hits tomorrow.

Life is never dull around here. A little weird sometimes, but never dull.

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