Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fairie Frenzy!

After Wendy came to pick up her fairy necklace, I was inspired to make some more since there are Herb Faires and Fairy Festivals coming up, along with the fact that I've been meaning to add a Fantasy page to my site and never seem to have enough pieces to actually put anything up there!

I put them all together - a gaggle of fairies(!) - and took a shot. I just love all their colors together. Had a bit of fun with Photoshop so the clay that holds them upright isn't so noticeable, but now they look like they are floating in the mist.

I could almost name these by seasons, but first, we have the Amber Fairy (could be autumn). She appears to be wearing and holding a garland of purple puff asters and the green on her is a darker, more mature vine.

The Forget-me-Not Fairy has a head wreath of spring green intertwined with blue Forget-me-nots. I think they may have been our mother's favorite flower, but their habit of "walking away was always frustrating to her.

I remember being very small and watching her writing letters to our father. She would make her own stationery and draw little Forget-me-not vines along the margin and color them in with green and blue...

The Orchid Fairy is named for the color of her dress, various hues of purples. The skirt is an opalescent, pale purple and the darker sashes suggest a gentle breeze wafting past. I must be dreaming of balmier days!

The Pink Fairy was the last one I made the other night and I am so pleased with her. The colors are so vibrant and I'm glad I gave her a little darker hair color to balance the deep pink. Her garlands came out especially delicate and the pale flowers add just the right touch, don't you think?

I can't decide whether to work these up into necklaces yet, or to make them into pendants or just let them alone for now (which will probably be what I decide to do since I seem to be in "torching mode"!

Probably I'll just make some more...


Zonnestraaltje said...

I like watching your fairies evolve. Are you sure that a group of fairies is a gaggle? Sounds a little clunky for a creature so delicate! LOL!

Can you try something for me? Could you photograph the "gaggle" again, but this time try turning a couple of them so they maybe look like they are interacting with each other? It is just a thought, but I think you might like the results.

Zonnestraaltje said...

Oh, I forgot that I wanted to say how much I love the pink one! I also think that your technique for their bodice area is great... it is subtle and romantic.

Maryanne said...

Yes, I was thinking a "Float of Fairies" or a "Flight of Fairies" were probably more descriptive, but these gals just looked like a gaggle!

I'll try the other arrangement before I put them away. Soon!

Thanks so much for your input and comments!

Anonymous said...

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