Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Speaking of Chickens and Fairies

When I woke up this morning, it was already snowing. Originally, it wasn't supposed to start until around noon, but here's the scene from the studio door at 9AM. You can't really see the snow flying, but it is going to town with those menacing tiny flakes that usually mean this one will last for quite a while and amount to something.

The chickens are now "imprisoned" in the little shed to the left. They should be grateful, but probably not.

Bob's truck is warming up in the driveway, getting ready to take our neice off to apply for her passport. We're hoping to journey to sunnier climes before long and, because passports are so much more necessary than they used to be and take longer than they used to, the passport appointment must be kept - come rain, snow, sleet or dark of night! I have the feeling that when we're basking on a warm beach, this will all be a tale to tell.

I should update the scene here as the storm develops.

Meanwhile, when I got out to the studio and opened the kiln, this little gal was waiting for me.

She's the Amethyst Fairy and I'm so pleased. A few months ago, I was sad when a similar fairy came from the kiln and her skirt shattered because of compatibility problems with the various glasses I used.

This time, I used an opalescent white glass as the base and overlaid it with a transparent purple. I find that when I use a transparent over an opal, they seem to blend together pretty smoothly and I like the effect a lot.

She has a dainty little sash around her middle and garlands of white and purple flowers in her hair and hanging from her hands. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Well, time to get serious. Yesterday, I got all the errands done that I could, so I've saved a lot of projects for these couple of days when I figured I'd be staying home because of the weather.

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Zonnestraaltje said...

Oh, yes, she is quite spectacular!!!!

Thanks for sharing the chicken round-up story!!! They really should make a reality show out of your life.


Stay warm! Get lots done! Love ya!