Monday, February 05, 2007

Love Stinks!

This "Farm Show Hangover" is something else. Tina is finally functioning and I got the full force for the past two days. Had I not been snuffling, snorting and sleeping most of the time, I might have made it to the Sizzlers meeting on Saturday. We didn't manage to get Molly on her birthday shopping expedition either (which was the original plan for the weekend).

Now that I am finally feeling somewhat human again, as promised, I will post what would have been my entry in the "Love Stinks" challenge.

"Love Stinks" immediately brings to mind Pepe Le Peu from my childhood cartoon backround, so... I decided to try my hand at a little heart hugging skunk.

After I checked out a number of skunk pictures I could find online, I drew him out on paper and reduced him to cylinders and circles.

I knew I'd love the contrast of the red heart against the black and white - and I do.

Actually figuring out the markings was a good idea because I always thought they had just one stripe running up their backs so at least he is "correct".

I'd like to try another one, possibly bigger. His left eye, which you really can't see is smeared into a frightening wink. Why I can't get two eyes to match is beyond me. I think maybe I get excited because it is going so well and just have to screw it up when I get to the second eye.

Looking at this picture, I see his shadow - and so close to Groundhog day too! Wonder what that means....

I'd love to see what everyone else did for this challenge and hear about the meeting.

Maybe someone will fill me in later... hint, hint!


Zonnestraaltje said...

Spooky!!!! I'll send you a picture of the bead I made on Thursday so you can see what I mean!!!!!!!!!

Miss ya!

Unknown said...

Love Stinks is adorable. This leaves several ideas open to make a whole line of them. Love Sucks with a root beer float and straw...
Okay, I'll go away. But Stinky is really cute and clever.