Friday, October 05, 2007

Crystal Inspiration

I've had this crystal for a week or two. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the crystal itself is about 3 inches long. I took pictures of both sides outside in our overcast morning light, so it doesn't have the sparkle it should, but I was too excited to care!

The crystal came along with the fluorite I showed a couple of days ago from Roe. I told her I'd try to wrap them for her and the fluorite went very quickly and easily.

This was another matter. It was irregular and just needed some kind of special treatment. She sent a broken bracelet that had a few different heart shaped stone beads, just in case I could work them into the piece.

I held it in my hand, tried a couple of things with scrap wire to see where the wires had to be placed to hold it securely, but wasn't inspired as to how to finish it off. I wanted to wrap it well and beautifully, but not overwhelm the stone itself. Tina suggested some kind of spider web look, but I wasn't sure how to pull it off.

Yesterday afternoon, I got out a bunch of old bead magazines and was drawn to one picture in particular. It had this webbed ladder-type of wrap used as a feature in the setting and suddenly I knew how to finish this.

After it was started, I couldn't put it down because it was one of those "automatic" things where I wasn't sure if I was directing it or the stone itself. There were little nooks and crannies that needed a special touch and there I added the stone hearts she had sent, along with silver beads, and a few curlicues.

Wire wrapping was never my "thing", but I have really enjoyed the things I have been doing lately and this one was just magickal!


Sarah said...

Maryanne, it's so beautiful! I think I may have some crystals around here that I may have to send to you! Green blessings, Sarah

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

WOW! Beautiful, I absolutely love all of your jewelery! said...

Maryanne, Oh my, it is so very beautiful and I am so happy you were able to utilize the hearts from that bracelet I sent along, as it was a gift years ago from my Mom and it was important to me to have those pieces integrated with the crystal.

Your work is just magical for sure.! I can't wait to get them.
Again, many thanks,

Roxann said...

Your beadwork is all gorgeous, but I really love the work you did on Roe's crystals!