Monday, October 01, 2007

Vibrant Autumn

Thought I'd start you out with a seasonal picture I snapped at an Amish roadside stand here in Lancaster County.

The scarlet hibiscus spilling over the bright orange pumpkins were so striking - they could be an inspiration for a gorgeous bead or set.

Speaking of striking, I'm not sure if I showed this set before.

I wear this color combination so much, especially in the summer. Jeans and bright green or other bright colored T-shirt.

I've been trying to get something made to match those bright combos and always seem to go off track before I actually get to the intended set.

The stringers will be pulled, the colors chosen, but then for some reason or other, something else will happen.

I'll just decide to make a big focal and start scrolling, entranced with the color reactions....

Or, lately, I get out the enamels and see what happens with this color or that and how it looks with various colors added.

The one to the left, I call Jade Garden. The teal stringer became a lovely jade color on the ivory base.

The one to the right, I call "Connect the Dots" It looks like a blue enamelware basin, but connect the dots seemed to fir it better!

Another bracelet made with some enamel experiments. I really like this combination of colors and oddly enough, it seems to go with many many outfits!

Finally, a pendant I put together featuring a large focal I call "Broken China" because it reminds me of a shard of fine china polished into a lentil shape.

The stone leaf is one of a strand I picked up at a show last year and haven't really done anything with yet.

This time of year is so vibrant. Very inspiring and energizing.

My plan is to get out the oranges and reds and see what happens at the torch today. We'll see what really happens!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

Are you selling that blue one, or is it for your swap???? It's gorgeous!!!

Pumpkins!!! I love pumpkins! I'm not ready for fall yet though because it's still so warm and just feels summery still.

My glass area is complete!!!!!! If I didn't have transcripts to work on, I'd be torching right now!!!! I'm so excited!!!!