Saturday, October 13, 2007

I can hardly wait!

This has been an interesting year. I haven't done any "bead shows" as a vendor this year and I must say I miss it, but I still seem to be connecting with people who like what I do.

I've been collecting emails from happy customers. I keep them so that on those days when I feel that I've just lost it, I can read them and have my confidence bolstered.

You may know that we live on a Christmas Tree farm. That means that our busy season is rapidly approaching. We've been putting together a little "gifts and goodies" shop for the past couple of years and it's a nice outlet for soap, Tina's books and magazine, for my jewelry and for all the other little myriad projects we collaborate on during the year.

This is my jewelry display from the shop at Frog Hollow last year.

I have a lot of new things to bring out this year and I can hardly wait to see our customers from years past along with some who we met at some of the herb fairs we did this year and at our little local market that we did on Saturday mornings this summer.

We've decided not to do the PA Farm Show this year. Somehow the physical consequences just don't balance the monetary rewards for me. We were sick for a month following the show and apparently this is the case for all the humans and animals who are a part of it. I'm just too old to play that game any more.

That means we won't be making soap like madwomen during the Christmas season and will be able to enjoy it. It's soon time to send out our reminder post cards. A couple of trees are already marked for the years.... I can hardly wait!

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